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Holiday 2013 Newsletter

Holiday 2013

While the government went into shut down mode, we were working overtime on the crush pad, bringing in a bountiful harvest of spectacularly flavorful, ripe grapes. Have we ever experienced as great a growing season and harvest as....

March 2012 Newsletter

Spring 2012

For 19 years, family has been the key element to making Whitehall Lane wines great. Two of my children work with me as we strive to grow and improve and now we have another family making contributions in our cellar....

Spring 2011

Our vineyards and winemaking are paramount to making world-class wine, but it is our consistency that sets us above the rest. I am celebrating my 18th anniversary at Whitehall Lane and our cellar master, Fernando Cortez, has been here for 20 years. Our vineyard management team has been in place for 18 years and winemaker Dean Sylvester is the relative newcomer in his 14th year at the winery...

Spring 2010

This month we start our 18th year at Whitehall Lane Winery and as in the past, I would like to take some time to reflect on this last year and look forward to our future. Last year at this time we were putting the finishing touches on our large addition and I am extremely pleased with how well it turned out. The new and improved crush pad worked beautifully at harvest and our barrels stack nicely in the new barrel room. But it's the Club Room that I am most thrilled about...