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Sales Team

Sales Team


Tom Leonardini Jr. - Vice President

Tom Leonardini II joined the winery in 1994 and is responsible for the national and international distribution of all Whitehall Lane wines. He has been instrumental in increasing sales from 15,000 cases to almost 50,000 cases in eight years. Tom has the expertise of a marketing background and is also familiar with the retail end of wine sales having worked in a premium wine shop while working on his masters degree.

Tom earned an MBA degree from the University of San Francisco with an emphasis in marketing and also worked for a large California wine and liquor marketing company prior to joining Whitehall Lane Winery.  tom2@whitehalllane.com


Leah Carlton - National Sales Director

Leah Carlton has almost 20 years of wine business experience with wineries and distributors.  Prior to National Sales Director at Whitehall Lane, Leah was the General Manager of Valley of the Sun Fine Wines, a mid-sized fine wine distributor in Arizona and most recently as a regional sales manager for Majestic Fine Wines (Jackson Family Wines). 

Leah brings strong business, management and sales skills to Whitehall Lane Winery where she directs a sales team of four in taking Whitehall Lane to the next level.  leah@whitehalllane.com


Todd Hedgpeth - Western Regional Manager

Todd has been working in the wine business right out of the gate post college after graduating from San Francisco State University with a B.A in Sociology with emphasis in marketing.  Todd was hired on by the Gallo Family in 2005 and continued working with them until pursuing the role of running the Northern California area for Kobrand in 2009, the famed International Importer and Supplier.

Todd is a California Native and has lived in San Francisco for last 10 years, with 15 years in the Wine Industry and Hospitality business combined.

If he is not basking in the Gastronomy of San Francisco life, Todd can be found traveling to different countries, learning new cuisines and culture.  He actively surfs, swims and snowboards and loves any  outdoor adventure.  Wine is Todd's passion as it has enriched his life that words can not express.  Todd's philosophy: "To savor a glass of wine with friends and family is the very essence of humanity".    todd@whitehalllane.com


Caitlin Kollgaard

Caitlin works behind the scenes to support Tom, Leah and Todd as they travel around the country representing Whitehall Lane.  She is the backbone of Whitehall Lane’s sales team.

Caitlin grew up in Los Angeles with her musician parents, and then moved up north for her college years.  She earned a degree in Psychology at UC Davis.  Caitlin moved to the Napa Valley immediately after college.  She worked briefly in the tasting room then moved right in to national sales.