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Vino Seal

Vino Seal

A new, attractive closure system to perfectly seal our elegant wines!

The Whitehall Lane 2003 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon was the first wine in the world to be sealed with a revolutionary glass closure system and secured by a traditional tin capsule. The results were so impressive that the 2004 and 2005 Reserve Cabernets and Leonardini Vineyard Cabernets were also sealed with the Vino-Seal™.

The Vino-Seal™ is an elegant alternative to cork and synthetic stoppers. Designed to look like a decorative decanter stopper, this innovative closure provides an ideal seal that allows the wine to retain its purity of flavor and aroma. This 'glass-on-glass' closure system uses a small, inert o-ring to provide a sterile seal, preventing contamination or oxidation. The wine will develop more slowly in the vino-seal bottle than in a traditional cork sealed bottle. However, the greatest benefit is that the chance of cork taint ruining a bottle aged with the Vino-Seal closure system is zero. It was designed by engineers at Alcoa in Germany and has been gaining popularity with winemakers and consumers there since its introduction in 2003.

Easy to open. Simply cut or score the foil around the bottom of the drip ring bead on the bottle, twist and wiggle the stopper, lifting up and out. Pour a glass and enjoy. In the unlikely event that you do not finish the bottle, the stopper may be reinserted to enjoy another day.

"Glass All Over"
—Wine Spectator online

"First commercial use of new glass wine closure"

"Whitehall Lane Winery Selects Vino-Seal™ Glass Closures for its 2003 Reserve Cabernet Bottling"

"First Commercial Use of New Alcoa Designed Glass Wine Closure"
—Closure Systems International

"Vino-Seal" (video)